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Alvin. 21.South Jersey born and raised. Class of 2014. Music, Clothes, Movies, Celebrities, and anything dope found here. Follow for Follow


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Her: Bae come on let’s play basketball togethter we’ll be just like Love and Basket Ball

Me: Ok check up 

Her:*Check’s up*




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Leave me alone with this nonsense lol. I decided to donate ten to it. I hope everyone does the same. Thank you @danimarielangan @sylartheman21 and Errol for tagging me. Hope I didn’t disappoint 😂. I nominate @brandeemurphy @poeticambition @h_gobillot #ALSchallenge #dontchallengeme #donatethough

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A Wonderful Series Of Illustrated, Alternate Posters For Famous Films

Philippines-based artist Vincent Rhafael Aseo has created alternate movie posters for famous films, interpreting them in his own, unique way. 

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